• judyspeak

My Mind is Like a Computer Browser

My mind like a computer browser--- I have 17 Tabs open, 4 are frozen, I don't know where the music is coming from. Sound familiar? Some days are like that. This world is so fast, full, and flipping flatulence that we hardly have time for ourselves. If you feel like that, you are not alone. The American Institute on Stress reports that 77% of American's regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress, 73% regularly experience psychological and 33% feel they are living with extreme stress.

Everyone should know by now that cancer, heart disease, diabetes, kidney and all other modern diseases are all stress related. So the question is where are you in this fine kettle of fish? Are you frying? Fried? Or Done?

Do you want take another pill-drug to cover the symptoms, bury yourself in your work, or avoid life BECAUSE ITS JUST TOO HARD ?

There is another answer that is simple yet very powerful that can alleviate your problems and help you heal your life.

Breathe in, close your eyes, and just BE present in this moment---doing nothing. Your will wander, as human minds do, just bring you mind back to now. Do this twice a day for 2 minutes---see what happens.

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